Teacups and Hyacinths: An Afternoon of DIY.


In winter I find myself craving two things: A  nice hot cup of tea, and a jolt of spring colour. Today’s post is a very simple DIY project that combines the two. However, Before I dive in to this project I have to issue a warning: If you’re precious about getting your teacups – quite literally – dirty, look away now! Continue reading


London Shopping: Columbia Road

Today is Blue Monday, which – according to some people – is the most depressing day of the year. Whether or not you’re feeling gloomy, this is a perfect moment to bring you flowers and cake and vintage shopping! As you might have spotted on Instagram, we spent Sunday morning on the wonderful Columbia Road. I was there to stock up on supplies for a tea party I’m organising (stay tuned!). Come along to see where to buy fresh flowers and beautiful vintage crockery. And cake.

2015_01_19-JennisTable-ColumbiaRoad-022015_01_19-JennisTable-ColumbiaRoad-04 Continue reading