Onions & Damsons: Getting into a (Delicious) Jam at the Allotment.


Last week we went on a little adventure to Gladstone Park Gardens Allotments on a cloudy summer day. Well, I say ‘adventure’ but it was only a 10 minute drive from the heart of Hampstead.

My sister is lucky enough to have a patch in this inner-city oasis, and I joined her early one morning to harvest beans, onions and damsons…as well as to soak in all the green-thumbed gorgeousness that abounds. After a morning of ogling flowers, fruits and vegetables (and butterflies, bumblebees and birds) my eyes and spirit felt refreshed! I hope these photos have the same effect on you.

We returned home carrying bags full of produce, and got to work making jars of jam from our damsons and onions. Of course, you don’t need to grow vegetables yourself in order to make jam, and you don’t need specialty ingredients either. Scroll down for simple recipes to make your own homemade preserves. But first, let’s explore the allotment. Continue reading


Humpday Happiness: Ladurée Delights!


An iconic pistachio-green box filled with pastel Ladurée gems is a foodie (and food photography!) dream. The Strawberry Macaron filled with a fluffy yet chewy marshmallow filling was something different, and very delicious.

Humpday Happiness is a weekly feature on Jenni’s Table. Think of it as a little Wednesday treat to help you through your week!

A Non-Picnic Picnic: Fine Dining in the Park!


The best kind of picnic is a non-picnic picnic, where you combine the sophistication of a proper dining experience with the outdoorsy ease of a picnic.

With 20 minutes of extra planning and an extra bag slung over your shoulder, you can go from a pile of supermarket containers to a very pretty spread indeed. We photographed our picnic in London’s Regent’s Park, and during the shoot at least five people paused, stared, and commented on how divine it looked. One bemused gent asked if we were about to crack out the silverware as he’d never seen place settings at a picnic before! The best thing is that it was simple to set up – two of us did it in no time at all. Read on for tips and our shopping guide. Continue reading

Humpday Happiness: The Serpentine Pavilion.



The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion is a predictably brilliant annual spectacle, but this year’s shimmering, iridescent, technicolour delight by Selgascano is particularly striking. If you find yourself in Hyde Park this summer, make your way into the rainbow tunnel and buy yourself a coffee inside. Top tip: Go on a sunny day where the colours are intensified by the sunlight.

Humpday Happiness is a weekly feature on Jenni’s Table. Think of it as a little Wednesday treat to help you through your week!

Shelfology, or, Non-Boring Ways to Style a Bookshelf


A house filled with books is a beautiful thing, but the humble bookshelf need not be so humble! Today I’ll be sharing tips on dressing up your bookcase to make it thoroughly Pinterest-worthy.

If your shelves are lined with nothing but neat rows of paperbacks and hardbacks, it’s time to pile them onto the floor and start again. Why not make your shelves as decorative as they are functional? That’s what I did this week, and it was much more fun than you’d think. I played with my books, focusing on the colour of the covers and jackets (the only time one should judge a book by its cover),  and adding knick knacks to break up the bookish monotony. Below you’ll see the same bits and bobs arranged in different ways. I hope it inspires you to shake up your shelves! Continue reading

Humpday Happiness: Sweetness & Chocolate at Venchi.

2015_07_15-JennisTable-humpday-venchi 2015_07_15-JennisTable-humpday-venchi2

A gelato from Venchi in Hampstead is the highest form of Humpday treat! I recommend the Cremino flavour, which is a layer of hazelnut icecream hiding beneath a layer of milk chocolate, and the Nougatine, which is a layer of dark chocolate gelato buried under a layer of caramelised nuts. The gelato and toppings are swirled together by hand before being artfully piled onto a fresh cone. Fantastically delicious!

Humpday Happiness is a weekly feature on Jenni’s Table. Think of it as a little Wednesday treat to help you through your week!

Six Ways to Lay A Table: Playing & Styling with Paper.


This week we raided the Roger la Borde gift wrap shelf to make some beautiful DIY tablescapes, showing that you don’t need fancy linens to make a statement!

In every shot we used the same basic crockery and glassware, and used a rustic wooden table as a backdrop – no tablecloths or runners. Instead, we used plenty of paper to create cut-out placemats, napkin rings, origami flowers and collage birds. Together with some fresh flowers and foliage (snipped from our back garden) we created six looks: Fresh Foliage, Romantic Roses, Moody Stripes, Dramatic Nature, playful geometrics, and Spring Pastels. Read on for lots of pictures and tips. Continue reading