2015_03-Helena-Maratheftis-Jenni-portrait-500pxJenni Barnett is best known for founding London-based stationery company Roger la Borde with her sister Alison. You’d think that running a lively design company would be enough of a creative outlet for one person, but Jenni’s ideas overflow into her home life and onto her kitchen table, where she loves to create striking, fun and spontaneous displays for her family and guests with her characteristic exuberant flair. Jenni’s Table was launched after numerous nudges from friends encouraging Jenni to share her tips.

This blog is a log of Jenni’s adventures in styling, entertaining, eating, drinking and shopping. With her kitchen table as the star of the show, Jenni takes you to her favourite shops and markets, shows you her favourite things to eat and serve, and gives you plenty of easily achievable DIY ideas to try in your own home. The aim of this blog is to provide inspiration, and to prove once and for all that styling and entertaining is fun and playful, never daunting.  Please pull up a chair, grab a drink, and prepare to stay a while!

The Editorial Team

All styling and decorating is by Jenni Barnett, unless otherwise specified.

Photography, graphic design and editorial assistance is by Helena Maratheftis.


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