Shelfology, or, Non-Boring Ways to Style a Bookshelf


A house filled with books is a beautiful thing, but the humble bookshelf need not be so humble! Today I’ll be sharing tips on dressing up your bookcase to make it thoroughly Pinterest-worthy.

If your shelves are lined with nothing but neat rows of paperbacks and hardbacks, it’s time to pile them onto the floor and start again. Why not make your shelves as decorative as they are functional? That’s what I did this week, and it was much more fun than you’d think. I played with my books, focusing on the colour of the covers and jackets (the only time one should judge a book by its cover),  and adding knick knacks to break up the bookish monotony. Below you’ll see the same bits and bobs arranged in different ways. I hope it inspires you to shake up your shelves! Continue reading


Wine & Washi Tape: A Taste Testing Party with a Twist


What’s your favourite wine? Perhaps you have a preferred grape that you find yourself reaching for whenever you’re buying a bottle. Many of us claim to have a favourite, but a lot of the time we stick to old habits instead of experimenting with something new. I thought it would be fun to shake things up by throwing a wine tasting party…with a twist! At this party, the taste testing is done blind. Each guest brings their favourite bottle, which the host disguises so that no-one knows which bottle is which. It’s a simple idea and it’s a great way to enjoy some of the best things in life: Food, wine, and good friends.

My party was organised for six guests and, consequently, six bottles. (You’re not necessarily expected to finish the wine, ahem.) Read below for details, but the basic premise is as follows: Each guest has six glasses in front of them, one for each wine.  Guests are given a score card to record details about each wine. At the end of the evening, scores are tallied up, and the winning wine is revealed! You could even have a prize for the guest who brought the winning wine – perhaps a fabulous corkscrew. Continue reading

Teacups and Hyacinths: An Afternoon of DIY.


In winter I find myself craving two things: A  nice hot cup of tea, and a jolt of spring colour. Today’s post is a very simple DIY project that combines the two. However, Before I dive in to this project I have to issue a warning: If you’re precious about getting your teacups – quite literally – dirty, look away now! Continue reading