Easter Tea Time: Florals, Neon, Chocolate & Geometrics!


This year in the UK, Easter Sunday falls on the day that clocks go forward, so it’s a sign that spring is truly here! To celebrate, we ditched the traditional pastel palette and opted for vibrant and zingy hues – perfect for the season where nature springs back to life.

This Tablescape makes a bold statement. I layered patterns on patterns, clashing delicate spring florals with sharp geometric prints. I mixed materials, from china and glassware to plastic egg cups and melamine plates. Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate bunnies and decorated eggs, and it wouldn’t be a tea party without pretty china and home-baked treats, so there’s plenty of those too. Above all, however, it’s a glorious celebration of colour. In fact, when my husband walked in, he did a double-take and dead-panned ‘… I think that table needs some colour!’ Continue reading

Humpday Happiness: Sweetness & Chocolate at Venchi.

2015_07_15-JennisTable-humpday-venchi 2015_07_15-JennisTable-humpday-venchi2

A gelato from Venchi in Hampstead is the highest form of Humpday treat! I recommend the Cremino flavour, which is a layer of hazelnut icecream hiding beneath a layer of milk chocolate, and the Nougatine, which is a layer of dark chocolate gelato buried under a layer of caramelised nuts. The gelato and toppings are swirled together by hand before being artfully piled onto a fresh cone. Fantastically delicious!

Humpday Happiness is a weekly feature on Jenni’s Table. Think of it as a little Wednesday treat to help you through your week!

Sugar, Spice and all Things…Chocolate Bark!


Fact: Making chocolate bark requires one to unleash their inner Jackson Pollock. Prepare to paint with melted chocolate and create a hailstorm of fruity, spiced deliciousness…a little like this!

Chocolate bark is simple to whip up and it makes for beautiful (and beautifully scrumptious) gifts. Silky melted chocolate is poured into trays and then scattered generously with an assortment of crunchy, chewy and colourful morsels. Continue reading

Humpday Happiness


This was the dreamiest, creamiest and fluffiest three-tiered pavlova! Summer is on its way (regardless of the colour of the sky!) and I’ve got berries and whipped meringue on my mind. Find a similar recipe here.

Humpday Happiness is a new weekly feature on Jenni’s Table. Think of it as a little Wednesday treat to help you through your week!

The Best Pancakes In Town


Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Day! My family doesn’t need an excuse to eat pancakes and we can be found frying-pan-in-hand on many a Sunday morning (yesterday included). Whether you’re eating in or dining out, we’ve got you covered. See below for the best places in London to eat pancakes, crepes and waffles, as well as some deliciously different recipes to try at home. Continue reading

50 Shades of Pink: A Valentine’s Day Fireside Picnic.


Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to paint the town (pink and) red, but I thought it would be fun to stay home this year – I think you’ll agree that a fireside picnic is a wonderful alternative to going out. Your indoor picnic can be as informal or as romantic as you wish, and you can set the ‘table’ for two…or you can invite all your friends instead. The best thing is that you don’t need a fireplace to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room. I’ve got plenty of simple tips for creating a gorgeous display and a delicious feast,  so read on! Recipes and shopping links are provided at the bottom. Continue reading