Off With Their Heads! Creating Tablescapes with Colourful Cut Flowers.


You don’t need a giant bouquet to create a striking floral centrepiece. Pluck the heads off simple supermarket flowers and you’re good to go!

Last month, for my mother’s birthday party, I created a floral table runner constructed entirely of flower heads strewn along a white tablecloth. It was simple to assemble but looked so cheerful and striking, and contrary to what you might think, the flowers lasted for weeks afterwards. For today’s post I’ll be recreating the tablescape for you, as well as using the same flowers to demonstrate four more ways to use your flowertops (and how to preserve them afterwards).

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Humpday Happiness: Spicing up the Spice Jars!


As the Creative Director of Roger la Borde I may be biased, but I think these beautifully botanical sticker labels are sheer perfection. I dressed up the (plain, old) office spice jars and I think it’s quite the  marvellousmakeover!

Humpday Happiness is a weekly feature on Jenni’s Table. Think of it as a little Wednesday treat to help you through your week!

50 Shades of Pink: A Valentine’s Day Fireside Picnic.


Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to paint the town (pink and) red, but I thought it would be fun to stay home this year – I think you’ll agree that a fireside picnic is a wonderful alternative to going out. Your indoor picnic can be as informal or as romantic as you wish, and you can set the ‘table’ for two…or you can invite all your friends instead. The best thing is that you don’t need a fireplace to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room. I’ve got plenty of simple tips for creating a gorgeous display and a delicious feast,  so read on! Recipes and shopping links are provided at the bottom. Continue reading

A Jewel Toned Festive Spread


Christmas day is nearly here! I’m guessing that many of us are still hurrying about, making final (or not so final) preparations for the big day. Today’s post is for anyone looking for a simple and easy way to make Christmas dinner feel gorgeous and special – in other words, all of us!  I’ve got lots of tips for creating your own dramatic and luxurious tablescape using jewel tones and golden elements. Continue reading

Shiny Rugs and Christmas Dinners: A Gleaming Festive Feast.


First things first: This post was inspired by a rug.

In particular, a white and silver cowhide rug from my living room floor. It caught my eye while I was laying a table for a pre-Christmas dinner, and I immediately took everything off the table and started again with the rug as the tablecloth. (Why not? Give it a good Hoover and a spritz if you feel it’s too mucky!) The richness of the rug gave me visions of a medieval feast, so I piled on logs, greenery, candles and shimmering metallic elements until the tablescape was transformed into a regal festive scene. Don’t let this frighten you – it’s surprisingly easy to recreate (with or without a cowhide rug). Continue reading


Welcome to my kitchen and to my new blog! For the first post on Jenni’s Table I wanted to show you my home, seeing as we’ll be spending plenty of time in here. Funnily enough, this photo shoot happened by accident: I was preparing a quick, simple lunch to eat while planning (what was to be) our first post, but our photographer was busily snapping away all the while as I chopped and prepped. I hope this sets the tone for what is to come, namely that the most spontaneous and informal of events can be the most colourful and fun.

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