London Shopping: Carpo Nuts, Chocolate & Coffee


I’m not sure you can call a store on Piccadilly a hidden gem, but it’s surprising how a store sitting in the centre of a busy and touristy area can fly under the radar of local Londoners.

Carpo is named after the Mythical Greek Goddes of Fruits of the Earth, reponsible for ripening and harvesting – perfectly apt for a Greek-owned store celebrating the finest in dried fruits, nuts, coffee and chocolate. Founder Kostas Kontopoulos chatted to us about his 23+ year old business, and his passion for selecting only the best varieties of produce, which is then picked, packaged and processed at its absolute prime. The London Piccadilly store is Carpo’s first (and only) international branch – the other two are in Athens, Greece. Read on for pictures and details.

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