A Tropical Sunset Supper


Tropical prints and lush botanicals are very much on trend at present, but rather than sticking to the odd decorative touch, I went all out with this colourful sunset supper. Now all we need is the weather to match!

Bookmark this playful tablescape for the next sunny weekend – whether you dine indoors or in the garden, it will get everyone into the party spirit. I took inspiration from the saturated colours of the jungle: hot pinks, delicious orange hues, vivid yellows and refreshing greens. Patterned cushion covers were fashioned into an informal table runner, and fresh tropical fruit and flowers were made into centrepieces. This is not an occasion for white linens and clear glassware! Colour, colour everywhere! Read on for more ideas, and scroll to the bottom for shopping tips.

2016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0212016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0112016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0122016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0092016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0022016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0072016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0142016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0282016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-001 2016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0272016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0152016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0162016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0272016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0172016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0082016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0202016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0222016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0032016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0242016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-0062016_05_09-JennisTable-tropical-sunset-supper-029

So much colour! This is definitely an opportunity to take a more is more approach to decorating. Think plates with contrasting napkins, clashing prints and piles of fabulous fruit. Use more than one colour of candles, float bright citrus discs in the water glasses… do everything you can to inject colour into the display! You may have noticed the pretty fruit salad arrangements on the plates, which make for extra decoration as well as a light starter to a summery meal.

Now that you’re in the mood for a bit of tropical fun, have a look below for some shopping inspiration:


Tropical sunset Summer Shopping Inspiration

1. Tropical Coconut Milk & Honey Candle, Flamingo Candles

2. Patterned Cushion Covers, from a selection at H&M

3. Pink Footed Bowl, Habitat

4. Joelle Melamine Side Plate, Habitat

5. Bubbles Crystal wine Glass, Zara Home

6. Acrylic Goblet, Zara Home


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