Easter Tea Time: Florals, Neon, Chocolate & Geometrics!


This year in the UK, Easter Sunday falls on the day that clocks go forward, so it’s a sign that spring is truly here! To celebrate, we ditched the traditional pastel palette and opted for vibrant and zingy hues – perfect for the season where nature springs back to life.

This Tablescape makes a bold statement. I layered patterns on patterns, clashing delicate spring florals with sharp geometric prints. I mixed materials, from china and glassware to plastic egg cups and melamine plates. Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate bunnies and decorated eggs, and it wouldn’t be a tea party without pretty china and home-baked treats, so there’s plenty of those too. Above all, however, it’s a glorious celebration of colour. In fact, when my husband walked in, he did a double-take and dead-panned ‘… I think that table needs some colour!’


To Eat: Chocolate and Vanilla Shortbread rounds dotted with Crème fraîche and berries, heaped bowls of strawberries, stacks of delicious caramel stroopwafels, chocolate eggs and bunnies scattered all over the table, and for the centrepiece an enormous iced sponge cake crowned with seasonal fruit decorations. Oh, and endless amounts of tea!

To decorate: Our Easter Eggs are surprisingly quick and easy to make. You can draw patterns directly onto hardboiled eggs using Metallic Posca markers and neon Pilot Gloss Paint Pens. No need for a base coat of paint – just choose eggs which have a beautiful colour to begin with, in shades of pale blue and brown. Display them in bright egg cups and dot them around the table for extra Easter flair.

2016_03_24-JennisTable-Easter-tea-0122016_03_24-JennisTable-Easter-tea-0352016_03_24-JennisTable-Easter-tea-0102016_03_24-JennisTable-Easter-tea-002 2016_03_24-JennisTable-Easter-tea-0232016_03_24-JennisTable-Easter-tea-0132016_03_24-JennisTable-Easter-tea-0182016_03_24-JennisTable-Easter-tea-0222016_03_24-JennisTable-Easter-tea-0252016_03_24-JennisTable-Easter-tea-0322016_03_24-JennisTable-Easter-tea-028

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, the long weekend is a perfect opportunity to round up your friends for a casual-but-colourful spring tea party! The key to this look is to use a More is More approach – don’t hold back with pattern or colour! If in doubt, scatter a few more bright, foiled eggs onto the tablecloth! Above all, enjoy the company of your friends as well as the beautiful spring weather.


Easter Tea Time Treats Shopping Inspiration

1. Antique Design Melamine Plates, Bonnie and Bell

2. Sarah Campbell Viva Teapot, Magpie

3. Giant Milk Choc Rabbits, The Fine Confectionery Company

4. PiP Egg Cup, PiP Studio

5. Handpainted Chocolate Egg Gift Box, Rococo Chocolates

6. Pastel Green Domed Cake Plate, Rice

Shop the Post

Chocolate Face Eggs from M&S / Colourful Mini Eggs from M&S/ Chocolate Bunny from M&S / Kissing Rabbits Melamine Plate from Anorak / Floral Melamine Plates from a selection at Rice /  Patterned Melamine Plates from a selection at Habitat /

Have a wonderful Easter and a lovely long weekend!

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