A Cozy Winter Picnic Lunch


Ah, January. The weather is miserable and we’re all aching for warmth and comfort. Enter the Indoor Picnic Table Lunch Party to lift our spirits!

To transform your dining area into an incredibly cozy nook, all you need is… a picnic rug used as a tablecloth! Lay it on the table and, all of sudden, you’ll have visions of warm summer picnics dancing in your head. With the addition of a few steaming dishes you’ll be all set until Springtime! This is what I served up earlier this week, for a casual lunch in the office. Read on for my favourite warming recipes and simple styling tips.


This is one of my simplest set-ups, for days when you don’t have time for an extravagant display but you still want it to feel special. A picnic rug tablecloth immediately sets the scene, so you won’t need much more than matching plates and colourful cloth napkins. For decoration, I placed a large potted chilli plant and a pile of tangerines into the centre of the table, for a jolt of colour and to add to the sense of heat and warmth! Job done. In this instance, the food takes centre stage.

We ate gorgeously rich Shakshuka with eggs, coconutty Black Rice with Brussels Sprouts and Toasted Walnuts, and Herbed Roast Vegetables. I served this up with a big bowl of rocket salad dressed simply with lemon juice and olive oil, a platter of sliced avocado, and a bowl of wonderfully creamy tahini. Fresh, healthy, hearty and really rather delicious.

2016_01_29-JennisTable-black-rice2016_01_29-JennisTable-picnic-table-072016_01_29-JennisTable-picnic-table-082016_01_29-JennisTable-shakshuka2016_01_29-JennisTable-picnic-table-032016_01_29-JennisTable-picnic-table-042016_01_29-JennisTable-picnic-table-052016_01_29-JennisTable-picnic-table-01 2016_01_29-JennisTable-picnic-table-022016_01_29-JennisTable-picnic-table-062016_01_29-JennisTable-roastveg2016_01_29-JennisTable-picnic-table-102016_01_29-JennisTable-picnic-table-112016_01_29-JennisTable-picnic-table-13

Here’s to a cozy and delicious weekend, everyone! Stay warm!

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