Helena’s Table: Taking Inspiration from Jenni for NYE


Happy new year! 2016 is here and we’re bursting with creative ideas to show you. We’re kicking off the year with something a little different: a Jenni’s Table-inspired look from our photographer Helena! The rest of this post is in Helena’s words…

‘I’ve spent the past year photographing Jenni’s fantastically creative tablescapes, and it seems that I’ve been absorbing some tips and tricks along the way! During our shoots, I look on as Jenni playfully combines seemingly disparate objects from all over her house to create her displays. I took a leaf from Jenni’s book for my own New Year’s Eve party.’


‘My partner and I throw a NYE party every year, and the snack table is always the focus of the room…but this year we took it to another level. To quote my mother’s reaction to these photos, we went “Hollywood Style”! I always enjoy decorating, but apart from candles and pretty platters, I’d never ventured much further afield. This year, inspired by Jenni, I went big.’

‘We opted for a kitsch-glam look, with silver foil curtains as a backdrop and my beloved disco ball on the table. I incorporated Jenni’s recurring tip of adding height to the display: Tall candles! I wedged some Rainbow Drip Candles into bottles I had reserved for this purpose: bubblegum pink Rogue’s Voodoo Ale (amazing packaging!) and empty bottles of bubbly. Together with the shimmery backdrop, this set the tone and colour scheme: Pink, green, and OTT! As Jenni might do, I scoured the flat for anything that fit the theme, including perfume bottles, dinosaur moneyboxes, Tiki glasses and cocktail umbrellas! After a trip to the local florist for bushy foliage and a few sprigs of pink flowers, I was sorted. All that was left was to plate the nibbles.’

2016_01_07-JennisTable-Helena-NYE-0082016_01_07-JennisTable-Helena-NYE-0102016_01_07-JennisTable-Helena-NYE-0122016_01_07-JennisTable-Helena-NYE-005 2016_01_07-JennisTable-Helena-NYE-0142016_01_07-JennisTable-Helena-NYE-0062016_01_07-JennisTable-Helena-NYE-007

Below: ‘The centrepiece of the table was my home-made Vasilopita, a traditional Greek New Year’s Eve cake. (It’s usually an orange-scented sponge cake…but I opted for a vegan chocolate cake with candy coloured frosting to fit the theme!) The Vasilopita contains a hidden lucky coin, and is cut at midnight and handed out to all the guests. It’s a homeland tradition  that I love.’


‘The last photo shows the aftermath. If your tablescape looks like an absolute mess by the end of the night, you know you’ve had a successful party!’

‘Thank you for the inspiration Jenni! For any of our readers who might be intimidated by the tablescapes on this blog – don’t be. It’s all about playing around, going bigger than you might usually do, and having fun in the process. Happy new year!’ – Helena

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