Thanksgiving: A Cornucopia of Good Things!


Thanksgiving is tomorrow! As a Londoner, I’ll happily take any opportunity to gather my nearest and dearest for dinner!

Having lived in the US, I’ve come to really love Thanksgiving food and traditions. However, this post is not about recipes; if you want to cook the perfect turkey or pecan pie you’ll have to look elsewhere (and then come back and tell me! I’d love to hear your recipes). Instead, this post is about creating a cosy Thanksgiving ambience and a bountiful tablescape in your dining room: I was inspired by the idea of a Cornucopia, ‘a symbol of abundance and nourishment… overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts.’ I took this idea and ran with it. 


Think fruit, florals, foliage and candlelight. Rich colours and earthy accents. A real harvest spread!

The centrepieces are cake stands piled high with walnuts, macadamia nuts, dried fruit… and of course bunches of plump grapes spilling over the sides. The table should look like it’s dripping with good things! Stack up rustic seeded loaves of bread, and put out bowls of gleaming green olives and mozzarella pearls, as well as jewel-coloured chutneys and dips to accompany your cheeses.

Serve jugs of cranberry juice studded with fresh raspberries, as well as deep red wine (and perhaps a bottle of bubbly). Pile up tangerines and pumpkins to fill the gaps in the display, and supplement your flower bouquets with leafy clippings from the garden or park. Candlelight will make everything glow, so opt for both tall dinner candles and lower pillar candles on the table.

This display looks rather rich, but it really shouldn’t cost you very much! That’s the beauty of it.


This Thanksgiving spread could be the main event for a casual drinks party, or it could form the basis of a pre-dinner spread for a more elaborate affair (with a full meal to follow!). It’s absolutely up to you.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading Jenni’s Table.

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