Halloween Drinks Party: Sophisticated Spookiness!


Halloween is this Saturday! Here’s how to throw a themed drinks party without a plastic ornament in sight. In fact, you won’t even need to carve a pumpkin.

If you visit a supermarket this week, you’ll be confronted with a sea of Halloween decorations in classic colours: orange, black, deep purple and green. This colour palette was the inspiration for this post…but instead of stocking up on plastic props, I created a spooky party spread using lots of natural ornaments. Read on for tips on hosting your own rustic, sophisticated and perfectly seasonal party.


This is one of those times where clutter is your friend! This is not meant to be a minimalist, streamlined spread. The table should look bountiful and decadent, like an abandoned mansion where nature has crept in and taken over.

Amongst the candlesticks and glassware there’s dark autumn foliage and berries from the garden, and piles of sweet potatoes, aubergines, limes and clementines from the pantry. And pumpkins too, of course! Simply pile them up and fill up the table, with the taller and larger objects at the back of the diaplay. I took the theme further and used chunky chilli flakes and red split peas as table scatter. This might sound a little too out-of-the-box but I think you’ll agree that, by candlelight, the overall effect is one of earthy (yet unearthly) eerie splendour. Perfect for a very grown up Halloween party.


Speaking of grown up, don’t forget the drinks themselves! It’s a drinks party after all. If you want to stick to the colour scheme, Aperol, Campari or cherry brandy work very well…as does anything with a wedge of lime or a few red berries in the glass. Use proper glassware here, as it will reflect the candlelight beautifully – plastic cups won’t have the same effect. In fact, anything sparkly (e.g. costume jewellery) will look fabulous draped over the table. Add an ice bucket, napkins and some nibbles and you’re good to go.

2015_10_28-JennisTable-halloween-092015_10_28-JennisTable-halloween-112015_10_28-JennisTable-halloween-222015_10_28-JennisTable-halloween-042015_10_28-JennisTable-halloween-23 2015_10_28-JennisTable-halloween-242015_10_28-JennisTable-halloween-132015_10_28-JennisTable-halloween-12

I did very little shopping to achieve this look, and instead rummaged around at home (and outside) to find things that fit the theme colour palette. Of course, if you don’t happen to have a black and orange tablecloth lying around (!) you can use fabric from the craft store or just use a wooden tabletop. You’re also going to want lots of candles – Dinner candles, pillar candles, tea lights etc – because nothing says ‘Halloween’ like flickering, glowing, atmospheric lighting. Apart from that, aything goes.


Halloween Table Accessory Shopping Guide

1. Dinner Candles in various colours, Heal’s

2. Cassiopea Angular Tumbler in Purple, Habitat

3. Grey and Gold Ceramic Candle Holder (includes candle), H&M Home

4. Green Glass Candlestick, H&M home

5. Bright Orange Leaf Coasters, Imali on Etsy


Have a lovely, spooky Halloween!

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