Porridge, Chia & co: An Autumnal Breakfast Party.


Autumn has been creeping up on us for a while now, but it’s not all drizzle and gloom! It’s finally porridge weather!

The days are darker and the evenings chillier, and I’m sure I’m not the only one reaching for cozy food to counteract the cold. But why stop at a quick breakfast on a weekday morning? Why not throw a Weekend Breakfast Party, and invite friends over for a colourful, creamy, crunchy, fruity feast?  With a helping hand from cheerful tableware, it’s a sure-fire way to inject joy into these grey-skied days.

2015_10_05-JennisTable-autumn-porridge-27 2015_10_05-JennisTable-autumn-porridge-282015_10_05-JennisTable-autumn-porridge-26

Below you’ll find a handful of simple recipes as well as presentation ideas for your Breakfast Party. I’ve taken breakfast staples and dressed them up with bright fruits and flavours… and I dressed the table too. Now’s the time for wild, playful colours and prints, so dig out your loudest linens, prettiest placemats and favourite bowls, and mix & match them to your heart’s content. Each place setting can be completely different – as long as they’re equally bright, they’ll look great side by side.

Now to the food. If you’re not a fan of porridge you’ll find other ideas in this post, including home-made granola and – first up – Chia Seed Pudding:


Below is another variation of chia pudding, in a different bowl and with different toppings. Chia Pudding is a fantastic base for experimentation with toppings, but be warned: it is not to everyone’s taste! The mousse-like consistency seems to provoke strong reactions either on favour or against it…but I think of it as delicious, luxurious breakfast caviar!


Below: Wonderfully crunchy granola, studded with fruits and nuts, enjoyed – as usual – with milk or yoghurt. Perhaps more unusally, treat your guests to Breakfast Cereal with a beautiful placemat (I actually folded up a small tablecloth here!) and a cloth napkin. And a small mountain of chopped fruits and nuts!


I hope you’re now convinced that Autumn weather has its merits – aside from the delights of fallen leaves!

As usual, breakfast saves the day. Here’s to yet another season filled with food, colour, friends and entertaining.

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