Swiss Cottage Farmers’ Market: Juices, Jams, Cakes & Kale.


 As much as I love styling my table for dinners and parties, Jenni’s Table would be rather sad without wonderful fresh foodieness accompanying the displays. The last few posts have centred around fresh produce and where to stock up on it. Today we’re exploring Swiss Cottage Farmers’ Market.

For those of you who don’t frequent North West London, Swiss Cottage is just a few stops north of Baker Street – you don’t need to venture very far to get these goodies. In fact, you barely have to poke your head out of the station before you stumble upon the Farmers’ Market and the 15 or so stalls selling fruit, vegetables, fish, eggs, baked goods, ice cream, cheeses, meats and more. 

Below are a few of my top market picks. Click the links to see where else each Market Trader sells their wares, as you might find that a different Farmers’ Market is more convenient for you. First up: Glorious fruit and veg from Wild Country Organics. You might remember them from our Tomato Season blog post. Amongst other things, we found courgette blossoms and nasturtiums (edible flowers) in stock.


Millets Fruit sells beautiful produce from their family-run Oxfordshire orchards. Their juices looked particularly appealing, with each bottle listing the apple varieties that went into it.


The Bow Belly sells a variety of sweet & savoury muffins, scones, flapjacks and jams with plenty of vegan and gluten free options available.


We didn’t purchase any frozen treats from Opera Ice Cream on the chilly day we visited, but we did try their chocolate brownies. (In case you’re wondering, about the name, co-owner Kerry is a trained opera singer and word has it that she often serves up tunes as well as ice creams!)


You’ll find plenty of gleaming seafood – as well as dressings and sauces – at Channel Fish. The owners fish from a day-boat off the Brighton coast.


Harvest Moon has been selling free-range eggs and poultry for 15 years.


More luscious-looking freshly-baked goods at Popina. As with the Bow Belly, there were plenty of options for dairy and gluten free diets.


Swiss Cottage Farmers Market

Eton Avenue, Swiss Cottage, London NW3 3EU

Every Wednesday, 10am-3pm

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