London Shopping: Pitfield London.


Tucked just behind the hubbub of Hoxton Square is Pitfield London, a cafe and homeware emporium filled with fabulously eclectic ornaments, oddities and generally covetable things for your home (and your dinner party).

The store is located in an unassuming brick building on Pitfield Street, but the splash of emerald paint covering the entrance is a signal that what lies inside is anything but ordinary. This dramatically lit jewel-box of a store contains an expertly curated selection of unusual, useful, and always beautiful objects. Below is our tour of Pitfield London, featuring our favourite finds.


Pitfield is an atmospheric Aladdin’s cave of goodies: You’ll find vintage, modern and reworked furniture, homewares, curiosities and gifts, as well as flowers and plants. Dayglo and minimalist design sit happily next to kitsch vintage glassware and classic retro design. It all looks fantastic together and you may want to buy it all and take it home. However, if you need some help narrowing down your selection, here is the Jenni’s Table edit:

We saw a great selection of reasonably priced vintage cutlery and bakeware which was in excellent condition. I particularly fell for the dainty cake forks and cake tins where all the moving parts were intact, unlike much of what you find at markets.

Shocking pink seemed to be the colour of the day for us, as the colour-dipped wooden lemon juicer captured our attention, as did the gorgeous retro kitchen scales. (The latter are on sale in store so move quickly if you love them too!) It was fun to see classic objects – such as basic utensils – reimagined in unexpected materials and colours.

There was also some striking artwork on display, featuring simple black illustrations overlaid onto richly textured gold foil. My favourite was the coffee cup print, as you may have spotted on Instagram! Perfect kitchen artwork, no?

Finally, don’t forget to stock up on Dinner Candles, which were available in almost 15 different colours.


When you’ve finished browsing, I recommend you make a pit-stop at the Pitfield Cafe. It’s is a refreshing sight for tired eyes as all the furniture is painted in cooling shades of green and blue. If you opt to sit outside you’ll find yourself surrounded by colour, thanks to the colourful furniture, emerald walls and lush plants all around. You can take some colour home with you, as the plants are all for sale – cacti, succulents and more.

The cafe food selection mainly consists of staples such as sandwiches and salads, with a good selection of sweet things and a little something different thrown in too (Lamingtons, anyone?).

2015_08_04-JennisTable-Pitfiled-London-192015_08_04-JennisTable-Pitfiled-London-292015_08_04-JennisTable-Pitfiled-London-232015_08_04-JennisTable-Pitfiled-London-21 2015_08_04-JennisTable-Pitfiled-London-222015_08_04-JennisTable-Pitfiled-London-242015_08_04-JennisTable-Pitfiled-London-25 2015_08_04-JennisTable-Pitfiled-London-262015_08_04-JennisTable-Pitfiled-London-182015_08_04-JennisTable-Pitfiled-London-08 2015_08_04-JennisTable-Pitfiled-London-112015_08_04-JennisTable-Pitfiled-London-042015_08_04-JennisTable-Pitfiled-London-27

If you find yourself heading East of a weekend, make sure to make time for a trip down the Pitfield Rabbit Hole.

Pitfield London

31-35 Pitfield Street

London, N1 6HB

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