Sugar, Spice and all Things…Chocolate Bark!


Fact: Making chocolate bark requires one to unleash their inner Jackson Pollock. Prepare to paint with melted chocolate and create a hailstorm of fruity, spiced deliciousness…a little like this!

Chocolate bark is simple to whip up and it makes for beautiful (and beautifully scrumptious) gifts. Silky melted chocolate is poured into trays and then scattered generously with an assortment of crunchy, chewy and colourful morsels.


We made three different kinds of chocolate bark: Dark Chocolate with orange peel (fresh or candied), ground cardamom and toasted walnuts, Milk Chocolate with salted macadamia nuts and chopped dried apricots (we used sulphured and unsulphured apricots for colour), and finally White Chocolate with pistachios and dried cranberries.

In thre above recipe card you’ll find the basic formula which you can tweak endlessly – try different toppings or marble together different kinds of chocolate. Dried figs, red peppercorns and chewy coconut flakes would be delicious alternatives – you’ll find lots of inspiration at Carpo, one of our new favourite stores which we’ll be profiling next week! This is a chance to play with flavours and textures in order to create edible pieces of abstract art.


My batch of chocolate bark got an immediate thumbs up from my teenage son who made a beeline for the tray I’d left to cool in the kitchen! I’ve put the rest into clear cellophane bags tied with twine to give as gifts to friends. Enjoy!

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