Petal Power: Using Lavender in the Kitchen


The flower pots on my balcony are heaving with fragrant purple petals – much to the delight of local bumblebees! – and I’ve been thinking up ways to use my flowers in the kitchen.

Today I have a trio of beautifully simple lavender treats which give a floral touch to baked goods and cocktails: Lavender Sugar, Lavender Infused Gin, and Lavender syrup. If you grow lavender at home then I suggest you give these a go (and if you don’t, I hope I’ll inspire a trip to the plant nursery!). Enjoy!


If you wish to purchase Culinary Lavender, it is available at many delis and gourmet food shops, or you can buy it online from Cotswolds Lavender. If you have access to fresh lavender it’s fairly easy to dry your own – simply string up a small bundle somewhere sunny and dry. Of course, this is most easily done in the warmer months!

Have a fabulously floral weekend!

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