Aperol O’Clock: Raspberry & Mint Cocktails in the Garden.


The sun is shining and the bank holiday weekend is almost upon us: two facts that are clearly celebration-worthy!

If you follow Jenni’s Table on Instagram you might have spotted the odd Aperol Fizz lurking amongst the pictures, and today I’m sharing a very simple recipe for taking this cocktail to a sweeter, fruitier level. I call it a Muddled Raspberry & Mint Aperol Fizz, but you can call it whatever you like, as long as you give it a try! It’s absolutely delicious. Even if you find Aperol too bitter, this version should still appeal to your tastebuds. Read on for the recipe and tips.


Above is a recipe card that’s perfect for adding to Pinterest. Read below for extra tips and ideas.

Crushing the fruit is fun and smells heavenly! Instead of raspberries you could use strawberries, cherries, blood oranges or any other sweet reddish fruit, as these work flavour-wise and colour-wise with aperol. Try mixing fruits to create different flavours, and varying the amount of sugar you add. You could opt to omit the sugar entirely, but the dash of added sweetness  – about 1/3 tablespoon per serving – takes the bitter edge off Aperol without veering into syrupy sickliness.

After the fruit, in goes the Aperol. One shot or two? It’s up to you! Then top up with fizz. We used Prosecco but you could use Champagne or Cava. Don’t forget to add a bit of contrasting colour with a few mint leaves on top.

2015_05-22-JennisTable-Aperol-cocktails-082015_05-22-JennisTable-Aperol-cocktails-09 2015_05-22-JennisTable-Aperol-cocktails-112015_05-22-JennisTable-Aperol-cocktails-122015_05-22-JennisTable-Aperol-cocktails-04 2015_05-22-JennisTable-Aperol-cocktails-052015_05-22-JennisTable-Aperol-cocktails-182015_05-22-JennisTable-Aperol-cocktails-14 2015_05-22-JennisTable-Aperol-cocktails-152015_05-22-JennisTable-Aperol-cocktails-162015_05-22-JennisTable-Aperol-cocktails-202015_05-22-JennisTable-Aperol-cocktails-19

Cheers Everyone! Here’s to a fantastic bank holiday weekend in the sun!

Why not kick off the long weekend in style tonight? Make your friends a round of Muddled Raspberry & Mint Aperol Fizzes in the garden…on your balcony…or even in the office! Anything goes!

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