London Shopping: La Fromagerie.


We often include La Fromagerie in the shopping section of our posts, but it’s high time that we put this store in the spotlight. On this occasion, we sent our photographer Helena to the Marylebone branch of La Fromagerie on a wet and dreary day, but as with most trips to this gem of a shop, she found herself buoyed by the cosy ambience, the bright skylights, and the multiple disco balls. (And also by the cheese. And coffee. And chocolate. Of which there was much.)

La Fromagerie is more than just a cheese shop: it is a fabulous treasure trove of high quality deli goods, as well as a greengrocer, a cafe and a restaurant. Inside you can find a well-curated selection of wine, tea, coffee, bread, pastry, jam and honey, charcuterie, chocolate, fruit and veg, and even gorgeous crockery. Of course, you will also find cheese. True to its name, La Fromagerie is exceptionally well stocked in the fromage department – there is even a temperature controlled walk-in cheese room complete with friendly and highly knowledgable staff. Have a look.



And now for the glorious Cheeseroom, La Fromagerie’s signature feature. When asked if there were any cheeses our readers should know about, Gabriel – resident cheese expert, pictured below – pointed out an enormous wheel in the window: the Beaufort Chalet D’Alpage. La Fromagerie founder, Patricia Michelson, first sampled this cheese while on a skiing holiday in France in the early 1990s. As legend would have it, she told the cheesemaker that she would like to buy a piece to take home, but he brought an entire wheel to her chalet – that’s about 28kg of cheese! Patricia bundled the cheese into her car, brought it home to the UK and sold it, bit by bit, from her garden shed. That was the humble yet incredible beginning of what was to become La Fromagerie.

Nowadays, about 10-30 new cheese varieties are introduced every year, and Gabriel estimates that La Fromagerie has stocked about 600 varieties in their 20 year history. Product is sourced from all over Europe as well as the USA and sometimes as far as Australia.

When asked about his personal favourites, Gabriel immediately reached for the Comtè d’Estive, and described it as the chocolate of cheeses because ‘you have just a sliver and you feel happy.’


The fruit and vegetable selection is fantastic, featuring the finest and freshest produce from the Mediterranean and beyond. If you’re looking for something different or something special, you’re likely to find it here. Amalfi lemons, anyone?!

2015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-112015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-10 2015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-042015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-032015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-132015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-122015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-162015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-222015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-492015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-282015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-27 2015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-262015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-232015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-192015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-202015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-072015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-242015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-472015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-422015_04_29-JennisTable-Fromagerie-01

La Fromagerie is tucked just off Marylebone High Street, and if you find yourself in the area you absolutely must stop by. There is also a branch in Highbury, which happens to be the original site which opened in 1992.

La Fromagerie

2 – 6 Moxon Street
London W1U 4EW

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