Easter Treasure Hunt: Chocolate Eggs & Bunnies

2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-432015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-02 2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-01

This week we ventured out to Hampstead Heath on a blustery day for an Easter Treasure Hunt! Despite the wind and drizzle we had a lovely afternoon, and we were rewarded with some glorious sunshine too. As you’ll see below, the set-up is very simple, and you don’t need access to a sprawling wildreness like the heath. Instead, you can host your own Easter Egg Hunt in a local park, in your back garden, or even inside your home! All you need is a few lengths of contrasting, colourful ribbons to mark the path (one colour for each participant or team). Each colour has its own route, but all colours lead to the same final destination where a grand prize awaits…for whoever gets there first! You can add clues to help participants find the next ribbon marker. Around the halfway mark, we laid out some Chocolate treats and funny little characters for participants to meet along the way…

2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-282015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-20 2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-27 2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-262015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-172015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-18 2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-192015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-162015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-21

Above: The Pink Ribbon Treasure. Tucked away at the bottom of a tree, I hid cheeky and mysterious critter planters, filled with pastel chocolate mini-eggs and candy-coloured hand painted fresh eggs. We painted our eggs with standard acrylic paints and added black and silver patterns with paint markers. I stuffed the planters with found foliage to act as a soft bed for the eggs. I also scattered eggs in the surrounding undergrowth for some extra treasure hunting fun.

Below: The Aqua Ribbon Treasure. This display featured patterned cardboard cases filled with shredded paper ‘nests’, more bits of greenery, and fistfuls of gleaming, jewel toned foil-wrapped eggs. We added pink magnolia branches – which are currently in season – as well as fuchsia silk flowers.  Finally, I added a couple of cute ceramic bunnies and a Wizard of Oz Matryoschka doll. I really wanted there to be faces peeking out from each display. 

2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-152015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-142015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-11 2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-132015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-062015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-102015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-122015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-252015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-24 2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-22 2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-23

Above: The Orange Ribbon Treasure. This display was simple but striking. In a clearing, I hung a wicker basket filled with large foil covered eggs and an adorable bunny night light. Pad out your basket with shredded paper, greenery, or plant seed husks (I found these under a tree and scooped them up, much to the amusement of the pedestrians in the vicinity).

Below: the Chartreuse Ribbon Treasure. This display was gnome themed, with a silver and blue colour palette. I found a cozy nook at the base of a sturdy tree and assembled my plump gnome in the sunshine. Around him I scattered a variety of eggs – some were chocolate, and some were real eggs painted in shades of emerald, teal and turquoise by my niece.


Below: The Grand Prize! Although all four colours had their own treasure trail, they all ended up at the same place. The treasure hunt is a race to see who will get to the grand treasure first. For our grand prize, we made a home amongst the daffodils for our dapper Rococo Gentleman Bunny. Isn’t he gorgeous dressed in his finery? Polka dot cravat, powder blue tailcoat and even a cane! His house is actually a butter dish but you can use anything house-shaped, such as a money box or bird house. I made a little trail of mini eggs leading out from the doorway. He is truly the finest chocolate rabbit in all the land and clearly deserves a house to match.

On the other side of the daffodil patch we hid a large, beautiful egg from Fortnum & Mason to be discovered by a very lucky latecomer. If you prefer, you could have a Grand Prize for each participant so that nobody feels left out.

Of course, the party’s not over after the treasure has been found. If the weather is behaving itself, lay out a picnic under the trees, with decorations and plenty of ribbons hanging from the branches. To eat, we made this beautiful pistachio and hyacinth tinted Spring cake topped with a Rococo white chocolate bunny, and we also bought a box of bunny ear cupcakes from Gail’s Bakery. It’s a sweet day for everyone.

2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-382015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-372015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-392015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-40 2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-412015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-072015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-08 2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-092015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-03 2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-04 2015_04_01-JennisTable-Easter-egg-hunt-42 2015_04_Jennis-Table-Easter-Treats-BOX

Easter Treats Shopping Guide

1. Hand Painted Gentleman Hare, Rococo Chocolates

2. Giant Fudge Dark Egg, Montezumas

3. Chocolate Mini Eggs, Marks & Spencer

4. Easter Egg Biscuit Mini Collection, Biscuiteers

5. Marimekko Kurjenpolvi Geranium Egg Cups, Heal’s

6. The Supermilk Facet Easter Egg, Hotel Chocolat

7. Personalised Peter Rabbit Cake, Biscuiteers

Shop the Post

Hand Painted Gentleman Hare from Rococo Chocolates / White Chocolate Bunny frpm Rococo Chocolates / Large Decorated Chocolate Easter Egg from a selection at Fortnum & Mason / Chocolate Mini Eggs from Marks & Spencer / Bunny Ears Cupcakes from Gail’s Bakery / Satin and velvet ribbons from Tiger Stores / Bunny Eared planters from Anthropologie / Wizard of Oz Matryoshka Nesting Dolls found similar here / Bunny Night Light from Peastyle on Not on the High Street / Gnome Greeting Card from Roger la Borde / Paint-Your-Own Gnome Kit (spray painted Silver) from Games Quest /

I wish you all a Happy Easter weekend!

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