Mother’s Day Brunch: Flowers, Wellies & Paper Hats!


Today’s blog post was inspired by…a hat! As a primary school student, my son made me a fabulous paper hat as a Mother’s Day gift. It’s blue, enormous, and covered in candy-coloured flowers. The hat is a special childhood keepsake, and a very appropriate inspiration for a Mother’s Day Brunch, don’t you think? With the hat in mind, I created a display revolving around pastels and candy colours, fresh spring flowers, and DIY decorations made from paper. Today’s post features gorgeous products from Anthropologie and Designers Guild, not to mention Hunter wellies and paper goodies from Roger la Borde. Scroll to the bottom for shopping links and ideas.


I wanted to transform a corner of my living room into a lush, overgrown conservatory…all with the help of paper cut-outs and strategically placed vases. Of course, you don’t have to go big: you can recreate this on a smaller scale. The key is to incorporate floral elements into everything. I included botanical motifs on the crockery, tablecloths (which are actually sheets of gift wrap!) glasses and even the vases themselves. If you keep to a palette of mostly candy colours, the result should be busy but harmonious. To create a dramatic centrepiece, stack mum’s gifts – wrapped in flowery paper, of course! – in the middle of the table. (If your gifts are petite, wrap empty boxes for effect.) I crowned this box stack with a pair of gorgeous mauve Hunter Chelea Boots, which make for an unconventional centrepiece and a perfect Mother’s Day gift for any mum who loves gardening!

If you are feeling bold, I encourage you to recreate this look in all its springtime glory! You will need a bit more time, and a big pack of Blu Tak for that matter, but the effect is dramatic and is therefore worth the fuss. I decorated the walls with flowers cut out from sheets of wrapping paper. If you can’t find big enough flowers, just cut out flower shapes from paper with a small flowery print. The effect will be similar. Around the periphery of the room, I filled tall vases with sprigs of cherry blossoms, which are now in season and should be available from any good florist. As usual, I visited Kilburn Flowers for mine.

All that’s left is to serve up your favourite brunch foods! We stuck to the fresh, springy theme and opted for pastries and fresh fruit. Serve up bowls of Greek yoghurt with berries, pistachios and honey. Croissants with strawberries and jam. Bright red jugs of blood orange juice. Dainty cupcakes and home made raspberry brownie sandwich cookies. And of course, endless cups of tea.


2015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-032015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-022015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-062015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-03b2015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-272015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-012015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-302015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-242015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-222015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-052015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-092015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-192015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-182015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-212015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-172015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-16 2015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-152015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-14 2015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-132015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-202015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-232015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-102015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-112015_03_09-Jennis-Table-Mothers-Day-26


Shopping Inspiration

1. Peacocks and Admirals Stationery from Roger la Borde

2. Nature Table plates and teacups by Lou Rota from Anthropologie

3. Silver-foiled notebooks from Roger la Borde

4. Hand Painted rose from VV Rouleaux

5. Pink Pigeon Light by Ed Carpenter at Liberty

6. Manaos Turquise Cushion from Designers Guild

7. Calypso Turquise Cushion from Designers Guild

8. Petite Pansy Vase from Anthropologie

Shop the post

Fresh cherry blossoms and tulips from Kilburn Flowers / Potted bay tree in sack from Tesco Pansy Vases from Anthropologie / Nature Table plates and teacups by Lou Rota from Anthropologie / Mauve glass tumblers from Anthropologie / Sugar bowl with bird from Anthropologie / Conical Sugar Shaker by Clarice Cliff Pottery / Mauve Chelsea Boots from Hunter / Pink Pigeon Light by Ed Carpenter at Liberty / Stripy apron (used as tablecloth) by House of Hackney / Black and white cushion by Christian Lacroix from Designers Guild / Pastel floral cushions from Designers Guild / Floral gift wrap for tablecloth and cut-outs from Roger la Borde / Mother’s Day card and jewel-toned notebooks from Roger la Borde / Silk flowers from VV Rouleaux /

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