A Jewel Toned Festive Spread


Christmas day is nearly here! I’m guessing that many of us are still hurrying about, making final (or not so final) preparations for the big day. Today’s post is for anyone looking for a simple and easy way to make Christmas dinner feel gorgeous and special – in other words, all of us!  I’ve got lots of tips for creating your own dramatic and luxurious tablescape using jewel tones and golden elements.


The only ‘must have’ item in this display is the golden foliage. All the rest can be substituted depending on what you have at home. Do you have lots of purples and reds rather than blues ands greens? Do you own glass candlesticks rather than metallic ones? Not a problem. Just tweak the display to incorporate what you already own.

My golden leaves are from Kilburn Flowers, one of my favourite London florists. It’s worth trying your local florist as many will stock metallic leaves at this time of year. Alternatively, you can spray paint some real or artificial foliage yourself. Spray paint dries surprisingly quickly, and as long as you have access to an outdoor area to do the spraying, it’s easy and safe. Your local art supply store will be able to advise you on which type of paint is best for using near food and flame.

Once you’ve got your leaves ready, you can assemble the display. I used bright and rich colours in this display, so I kept the table surface white for contrast. Onto this plain surface, I first placed my candlesticks, cakestands and glass bowls.  This is the time to use any jewel-toned, glass or gold-coloured dishes, platters and glassware you own. The bigger and bolder, the better! The bunches of gold foliage were placed right onto the table, and spread out to curl around the crockery.


As always, I like my tablescapes to be playful and fun. To create faux snow, I scattered surfaces with chunky, sparkling salt flakes. Salt is a great alternative to store-bought fake snow because it’s convenient, inexpensive and edible. And very sparkly. Also, unlike fake snow which will fly everywhere with the slightest breath, salt is heavier and will stay put!

To add extra sparkle to the jewel toned theme, I raided my jewellery box. Fish out your favourite costume jewellery and dress up the display with necklaces draped over candlesticks and tucked into dishes. I also raided the kitchen for metallic cookie cutters and dotted stars around the table. This might sound frivolous or silly, but believe me – your blingy bits and pieces will look fantastic in the candle light.

The finishing touches in this display are the candles themselves. This is not the time for white candles. This is the time for colour, and lots of it! If you don’t have candles at home, there is a huge selection of colours available at Tiger Stores.


I hope this post has given you inspiration for making your Christmas Day even more sparkling and special. I look forward to sharing much more with you in the new year. Merry Christmas!

Shopping Tips

  • Choose from lots of gold foliage at Kilburn Flowers, London
  • Gold Chrome Spray Paint can be bought from Cass Art, or any other art supply store
  • The blue and green candles are from Tiger Stores
  • Plenty of pretty cookie cutters are available from John Lewis
  • Zara Home is reliably brilliant for jewel toned glassware and crockery

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