Welcome to my kitchen and to my new blog! For the first post on Jenni’s Table I wanted to show you my home, seeing as we’ll be spending plenty of time in here. Funnily enough, this photo shoot happened by accident: I was preparing a quick, simple lunch to eat while planning (what was to be) our first post, but our photographer was busily snapping away all the while as I chopped and prepped. I hope this sets the tone for what is to come, namely that the most spontaneous and informal of events can be the most colourful and fun.


We kickstarted Jenni’s Table with an assortment of deli goodies and vegetables. I keep my fresh fruit and veg on display on my kitchen counter – red onions in green bowls, tumblers full of asparagus, basil and herbs in their pots. Apart from looking colourful and lively, it makes it easier to visualise meals! To serve, I kept it simple. I piled the ingredients onto wooden chopping boards of various sizes: Olives, avocado and Mozzarella on one, asparagus, rocket and prosciutto on another, and a great hunk of cheese in the middle. Add some bread and sliced salad veggies and you’re done.

We’ve all had lunches like this! It’s so simple to do! It’s the little finishing touches that make it feel special. My multicoloured tabletop surely helps in that department. As far as I’m concerned, when in doubt, add some colour. Add a tablecloth or even a patterned scarf to liven up a drab surface. Serve tap water in a jug and add berries and mint leaves. Oh, and there’s never a wrong time to bring out the pretty glassware, because it gives a sense of occasion to anything, including an impromptu working lunch.


Colour in my home is just as important as colour on my plate. Here’s a little peek into my living room, and some of the styling adventures I’ve been up to. I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to share, for the festive season and beyond. There will be playful Christmas cocktails and fancy sit-down dinners, and everything in between. Of course, if there’s anything you’d like to see, let us know!


 Thank you very much for stopping by Jenni’s Table. This is just the beginning, and I hope you join me for some styling, entertaining, eating, drinking and shopping in the months to come.


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